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Caddies Should Be Seen, Not Heard

Caddy Stevie Williams

Adam Scott's caddy Stevie Williams is the center of controversy

I need to get this out of my system so I can enjoy all the great sports (hello NFL football!) the rest of this week brings, including the PGA Championship being played down in Atlanta. Stevie Williams needs to carry the bags, tell Adam Scott how far from the hole he is, and suggest a club to play. He needs to stop talking to the media. David Feherty should be suspended from both CBS and the Golf Channel for the remainder of the PGA season for giving us a soap opera Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, or the rest of us needed or wanted.

Adam Scott won the Bridgestone Invitational, not you Stevie Williams. You are there for to help Adam Scott decide which club to use, tell him where he is in relation to the hole, warn him of any dangers, suggest shots, offer moral support, and hand him a bottle of water when he needs it. That’s it. You don’t swing the club; you don’t make the final call on how a hole will be played. The check doesn’t get written to you. You didn’t make that masterful putt from 30 feet away. You didn’t blast it 300 yards down the middle of the fairway. You were masterful at handing Adam Scott the club he asked for and answering when he asked for a distance. You didn’t do anything earth shattering. Adam Scott did. His name is the one on the trophy.

I know that David Feherty asked you for an interview. You could have politely declined the request and deferred to Adam. He was, after all, the man who did win the tournament and should have the spotlight. Your feud with Tiger over when and how you were fired was of little consequence. Nearly every person in America can point to a time in their lives where they were fired from a job. Have you seen the economy and unempoloyment rate lately? No one cares. I don’t give a damn whether you were fired over the phone, in person, or by singing telegram. You were fired. The end. Instead of taking your lumps and allowing your new guy’s play to do the talking for the week, you decided to completely pull the rug from under Adam Scott  and his masterful win.

“There were a lot of expectations today. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous. The people here this week have been absolutely unbelievable. And all the people back in New Zealand, including my family. It’s been the greatest week of my life. I’ve been caddying for 33 years and that’s the best week of my life…and I’m not joking.”

I have watched you live and on SportsCenter do some stupid things. I’ve seen you take cameras from cameramen doing their jobs. I’ve seen you get

2011 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational Champ Adam Scott

Adam Scott found himself answering questions about his caddy instead of his win

into it with the gallery. This far and away takes the cake. Hell, it takes the rest of the bakery with it. There are fans, photographers, players, caddies, reporters, and PGA officials who all probably wanted a piece of you before last weekend. I think Sunday evening they’d have all stepped aside and let Adam Scott have the first pound of flesh. That he didn’t fire you on national television and is still going to pay you, you should go buy yourself a lottery ticket. There is only one person on the planet that was probably happy to see you act like you did and that was your previous employer, Tiger Woods. When he is asked, and he will be, he should have absolutely every liberty in the world to say “That was the reason I did what I did. His ego has gotten the better of him.”

Didn’t you, shortly after Tiger axed you say on New Zealand TV “You could say that I’ve wasted the last two years of my life…” Waste? Waste what? It’s not like Tiger not playing left you destitute on the street. In the dozen years you were with Woods, he earned more than $82 million in earnings on the golf course. At 10%, that’s $8.2 million into your pocket. Wasted? Really? You should be kissing the ground the man walks on. Just be glad you get to wear tennis shoes and not golf spikes. Those would REALLY hurt for all the time you’ve spent putting them in your mouth of late.

This could have been ended by you very quickly. When David Feherty shoved a microphone half way down your throat, you could have been your normal charming self and told him where to go, causing even the CBS censors to blush or you could have politely told him “You know, David. I am happy to help in this win, but you really should be over talking to Adam. He’s the man who won this golf tournament.” Over. Done. Kaput.

Speaking of David Feherty, he deserves some of the blame for the circus of this week. He made the decision to go speak with Stevie Williams, even though the only interview he should have requested (and did, and received) was with champion Adam Scott. He’s been around the game long enough. He was well aware that anything dealing with Tiger Woods would blow up. He was looking for a story; something juicy and gossipy to have something for the talk circuit leading up to the PGA Championship. It was completely uncalled for. Scott’s win and Tiger’s ineffectiveness were more than sufficient cooler talk.

And yes, I am serious. David Feherty was the main reason that Adam Scott wasn’t answering questions about his play or how he felt about the win or whether he felt the win gave him momentum heading into Atlanta this week, he spent most of the time talking about the most over-hyped, over

CBS/Golf Channel commentator David Ferhety began the firestorm sticking a mic in Stevie Williams' face

valued caddy in golf. This was his 8th win on Tour, and second biggest next to winning the 2004 Players Championship. He won by four shots, and his game was so smooth and had such confidence he could have played in his sleep. That should have been the things he spent his time talking about. David Feherty was a large part of why it was the last thing on everyone’s mind.

Adam Scott was denied his moment in the spotlight on one of the larger, more hallowed tournaments on the PGA calendar. David Feherty made him an afterthought. No caddy should ever be made larger than the golfer he works for. David Feherty was knocked down the first domino Sunday evening. He should have to pay for it. He knows better. He’s been a golf reporter forever now. He should sit the remainder of the season. Let someone who will respect the game have the interviews and make the calls he makes from the fairways and at the end of rounds.

Sunday evening was a disaster in every sense of the word. The best player last week won, don’t get me wrong. It would have been nice if the media and his caddy, for that matter, were paying attention to that. Tiger Woods and his trials, tribulations, and everything else aren’t news; the next generation of golfers taking the game by storm is. These kids haven’t taken crap from anyone else and they’re not about to start taking it from any caddy. If there were any doubt, the rule remains–caddies are seen, never heard.


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