About Me!

My name is Mike and I am a sports nut.

I was a little late to the scene, not really being crazed until my high school years. Since I couldn’t play for medical reasons after my sophomore year, I found other ways to stay involved. I did the other little things—helping out in practice, keeping the scorebook and statistics, running the scoreboard, and even becominga basketball referee. Even to college, I found a way to be useful at the NCAA DIII level. The biggest thing I learned is that I was doing things the old fashioned way in high school. Much of what I had done by hand was done by computer at the college level. You don’t know how much easier that made life. I also began writing press releases on behalf of my school for a time. Since then, my interest and passion hasn’t waned. Sports I covered included football, volleyball, wrestling, indoor track, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

I was born in Cleveland, the pitiful land of sports loserville for the last 46 years and counting. That might explain why my parents moved us. I have been here in Colorado for the last 30 years after a short stint in SoCal and see no reason to leave. I have all four major pro leagues and several other lesser leagues and colleges to watch. My all-time favorite event is the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. There isn’t a more exciting three weeks of sports anywhere else on the calendar as far as I’m concerned.

I am a two time kidney transplant recipient as a result of Chronic Kidney Disease. I am a graduate of Cornell College. That would be the other Cornell. You know, the one that is twelve years older than the more well-known one (1853 vs. 1865). While there, I studied business and political science when I had the time outside of my sports duties. Movies, bar runs, Denny’s, sleep, and all-night study sessions were the other activities that filled out my college years.

Now don’t get me wrong, sports are great, but I do have other interests. I like having level-headed, civil debates about politics. This ends up rarely happening. I love studying the stock market and all things finance. Call me crazy, I’ve always had a love of numbers. I love music of all kinds. My collection has everything from jazz to Broadway to rap. If it’s good, it’s good. I am a trivia nut. My friends and I have a bar trivia team called “I Don’t Know” that plays usually weekly, sometimes more. This is Colorado. I am fond of those huge rocks to my west. They’re awesome to look at, visit, and they help me always know my directions! I used to get lost in Iowa. I also have one sister, two nephews, one cat, and a dog.

If there’s anything else, feel free to write me. I promise to get back as quickly as possible. I can be found at sports-letters@comcast.net or on Facebook.

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